Unionberg Op Consortium A.R.L. is a consortium created in 2004. It consists of about 410 members, all producers of bergamot, with companies located in the area of the Province of Reggio Calabria, more precisely between the municipalities of Villa S. Giovanni and Monasterace. The bergamot- cultivated area  pertaining to Unionberg represents about 65% of the bergamot-cultivated lands all over Calabria.

Unionberg is the only Organization of Producers of bergamot recognized by the Calabria Region with Decree n. 7618 of 10 May 2005 and it was admitted to the Regional  Register of  Organizations of Manufacturers in the sector “M” and to the Regional Register of  biological operators (operating body: ICEA Calabria).

The main purpose of the company is  to represent and support the parties to the consortium, ensuring the concentration and marketing of the product in order to increase the added value of each company.

The tasks of Unionberg, in full compliance with European. national and regional legislation, include:

– Ensuring the planning of production and the adjustment to demand;

– Reducing production costs and stabilize prices;

– Improving the quality of the fruit, the essence and derived products;

– Providing for cultivation practices and production techniques of the (bio) environment;

-Providing the adequate and necessary technical assistance to the producers in the entire production cycle.