Its scent is fresh, fruity, slightly balsamic.  The essence of bergamot has an illustrious past, having conquered the court of Louis XIV thanks to the exceptional sanitizing properties of ” bergamot water ” introduced to Versailles by Sicilian gentleman Francesco Procopio, to become in 1700 the precious and irreplaceable ingredient of “aqua mirabilis”, the first water toiletry, forerunner of the famous “Eau de Cologne”. Since then, the essence of bergamot has been the most sought-after ingredient in the composition of prestigious perfumes for the aristocracy and high bourgeoisie internationally.  Since the ’60s the natural essence of bergamot has been progressively replaced by synthetic drugs, which are cheaper, but also of poor quality. Today, the increased attention to natural and ecological welfare has awakened the interest of the big labels for the essence of bergamot.

The essential oil is used not only in the fragrance industry, but also in cosmetics as part of bath and shower gel, shampoo, creams and emulsions, because of its soothing and regenerating power. In medicine, there is increasing recognition for  its  virtues as natural antiseptic against acne, abscesses and inflammations of the skin and as a healing substance in case of wounds. Its scent acts  improving mood, reconciling sleep and eliminating psychological barriers, so as to be appreciated in aromatherapy as an antidepressant and calming substance.