Bergamot appears on the tables of the nobility already in 1538: the menu offered by Cardinal Lorenzo Camping  to Emperor Charles V included 6 pounds of candied bergamot, much appreciated by diners. The scent of bergamot also conquered the French tables thanks to the “frozen waters”, delicious sorbets with bergamot , of the Sicilian Francesco Procopio,  but it was the modern gastronomy to enhance the bergamot in the kitchen by combining sour and sweet.

The aroma of bergamot is perfect to lighten and soften the slightly heavy flavors of traditional recipes, it goes well with shellfish, lobsters, mantis shrimp, prawns, lobsters and prawns and wild boar, hare or pigeon. The juice, on the other hand, thanks to its acidifying properties, is a great complement for salads and for flavoring sauces.