Bergamot won a place in the hearts and menus  of starred Chefs who use it to revisit traditional dishes in a modern and innovative  way by adding “balance and health”, as claimed by scientific research that has highlighted the special dietary properties of bio bergamot from Reggio Calabria.

Just a single drop is sufficient to add a delicate flavor and aroma to many dishes, but the bergamot can  also be found at the base of the most refined pastries and excellent liqueurs.

“The  whole bergamot can be used, peel, pulp, juice and essence!” These are the words of Luigi Ferraro, an award-winning multi-starred Chef, a native of  Cassano allo Ionio, now Executive Chef at Il Calvados in Moscow, one of the best restaurants in the Russian capital, while participating in the conference “Bergamot, medicine for the heart” which was held in Brancaleone from July 2 to 4 , 2015.

And remember: even the “Earl Grey” tea, one of the most appreciated and drunk worldwide, owes its fame to its aroma of bergamot!