They call it Green Gold for its numerous and valuable virtues. It has been  known for centuries and used by top-notch perfume companies for its ability to secure the aromatic bouquet of aromas and enhance the fragrance. The essential oil of bergamot is used today in various sectors: pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food integration.

With about 350 chemical elements that differentiate it from other citrus essential oils, it has antiseptic, healing, soothing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties  for the skin, as it is disinfectant, antibacterial and antiseptic. In addition to reactivating and improving blood circulation, it reduces cell oxidation. It is useful as an analgesic to treat headaches, sprains and muscle pain because it stimulates the secretion of certain hormones that reduce pain sensitivity. Aromatherapy praises its features as an antidepressant, because it relaxes, improves the mood and infuses optimism, serenity and well-being.