An inimitable fruit with many virtues, similar in shape to orange, with thin skin, smooth and firm texture, the bright yellow-green color of the lemon. Classified as Citrus bergamia risso, the biological bergamot of Reggio Calabria is characterized by the fact of being cultivated in a circumscribed strip of land, the Ionian coastline of the province of Reggio Calabria,  approximately 100 km of coastline from Villa San Giovanni to Monasterace, which accounts for nearly 90% of world production of this citrus fruit,  and where the bergamot expresses its organoleptic and healthy properties at its best, producing excellent fruits and so ensuring an essence of the highest quality. Here this citrus  fruit has found the ideal microclimate, “tropical,  temperate humid”, the result of a unique set of circumstances such as natural slight difference between the daytime and the nighttime temperature, optimal geomorphology, the south winds that bring heavy rains in winter and hot humid summers, humid soils, rich in minerals and abundant water for summer irrigation (800/1000 liters per adult plant every 15 days).

To maintain all the properties of bergamot while at the same time respect the environment, manufacturers from the Unionberg consortium adopt organic methods of production and processing, excluding the use of chemical substances and genetically modified organisms or derivatives thereof.